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Crash calculations

Passing a crash well with a crash simulation

It just takes a moment, there is a squeak of tyres, a bang or a crash but fortunately this only takes place on the screen. Crash calculations are an indispensable tool in the field of product development for impact stresses of components. This applies to the car crash and also to the collision of plastic components from a great height as can occur during the transportation of containers and cases or if your cell phone accidentally falls out of your shirts pocket.

Calculations of variations reduce expensive crash test and development periods

Crash simulations serve to improve potential problem areas in the component at an early stage or even dangerous areas and help to prevent expensive reworking of products in the late development stage. Crash calculations reduce development periods and costs and reduce the time-to-market for a product. The focus is also on the optimization of the safety engineering in the crash simulations. For instance cheaper insurance risk classes of vehicles can be achieved in the automotive sector. Due to the complex material behavior of plastics special attention must also be paid to the material coefficients during the crash calculations. Coefficients in the relevant temperature and expansion ranges must be present or be measured to produce authoritative simulations.

Plastics simulation center

Impetus Plastics Engineering offers crash simulations for components and assemblies. The analyses supply statements as to whether the component can convert the impact energy that arises into a change of shape without failing. The range of services of the plastics simulation center for highly dynamic analyses comprises:

  • Analysis of drop tests and impacts of the most diverse products
  • Calculation of falling bolt tests
  • Crash calculation (head impact, knee impact) of components (instrument panels, central consoles,
  • central console, A, B and C pillars) in the vehicle's interior.
  • Crash calculations of vehicle exterior parts (head impact, rear impact, side impact)
  • Optimization of the HIC value


  • Door panels with a door structure
  • Dashboard trays (IT boards, dashboards)
  • Drop tests of cell phones
  • Drop tests of waste containers
  • Pedestrian protection

Computing software used

Impetus Plastics Engineering offers crash simulations for components and assemblies using the PAM-Crash and LS-Dyna systems.

As a specialist for the simulation of injection moulding processes and component stresses Impetus Plastics Engineering has so far demonstrated its expertise in hundreds of projects. The calculation of component variants, FEM simulations of load conditions, deformation situations and failure modes, structural analyses of glass fibre reinforced injection moulded parts as well as anisotropy tests can be found in the service portfolio.

Crash calculations Web of a dashboard carrier
Crash calculations Side crash of door components
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