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Geometry optimization

In many cases geometry can be the solution

In almost all cases a result of development is wanted that meets different, mostly opposing optimization requirements. However, the great potential in the modification of geometry can often be the key to the components optimization. Prior to series production the various means of simulation offer the calculability of these improvements.

Optimization of rigidity

Many times, the very first approach on increasing rigidity of a component is frequently the use of a more rigid material. The more economical solution can be the change of the components geometry. For example the improved suds container of the Bosch und Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH does no longer contain a meandering structure but a considerably more rigid one that additionally can be manufactured at much lower production costs.

Optimization of functional elements

The optimization of geometry is also repeatedly of decisive importance in the improvement of fastening elements such as snap fits and screw joints. Due to the high economic efficiency of these joining technologies a lot of experience in the design and structuring is available on the one hand. On the other hand fractures, cracks or overstretching nevertheless constantly occur, which are typically reasoned by inappropriate designs. In majority of cases, the individual circumstances of the design are not taken into account during dimensioning.

Optimization of component structures

The reduction of components weight can be achieved by various types of foam and fluid injection processes are at hand as well as the selection of lower density plastics and light filler materials. Also design alterations such as ribs or honeycomb structures are important actions to design components of less weight.

Plastics simulation center

Typical tasks of our calculation specialists for the application of geometry optimisation techniques include:

  • improvement of rigidity and strength,
  • reduction of component weight,
  • even distribution of stress within the component,
  • optimal use of the available space or
  • reduction of the component/tool costs

As a specialist for the simulation of injection moulding processes and of component stresses Impetus Plastics Engineering has so far demonstrated its expertise in hundreds of projects. The calculation of component variants, FEM simulations of load conditions, deformation situations and failure modes, structural analyses of glass fibre reinforced injection moulded parts as well as anisotropy tests can be found in the service portfolio.

Geometry optimization Initial geometry and optimized structure of a lye container
Geometry optimization Optimization of functional elements
Geometry optimization Geometric optimization reduce the use of material and the cycle time
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